A Transformational Baptism: Making Defining Moments in Life

I want to share something incredibly personal and profound that happened in my life last week.

Last Wednesday night, something truly magical occurred. My eldest son and I were baptized at our church. While I had been baptized as a baby, this was a conscious decision I made to reaffirm my commitment to my relationship with God and Jesus. I’ve been diving deeper into my faith over the years, and it was essential for me to make a public declaration of my devotion to my community and myself.

The experience was nothing short of breathtaking. It’s challenging to put into words just how incredible it felt. When I asked my son about his experience, his words moved me deeply. He described feeling covered by something warm and cold simultaneously, an unmistakable presence. That was the Holy Spirit at work.

I helped him anchor that moment in his heart, ensuring he would always remember it. We also recorded the experience, and it felt like time slowed down, allowing us to savor every detail. When I emerged from the water, I felt a weight being lifted from me, a profound sense of spiritual lightness.

Baptism served as a defining moment for both my son and me. It’s like the transformations we’ve witnessed in our tribe, the shifts that occur when we fully commit to a path of growth and spirituality. Life is divided into two chapters: before this awakening and after. The work we do here is life-changing, and it’s evident in the before-and-after stories shared by our tribe members.

I encourage you to find your defining moments, to decide what you want to let go of and leave behind at the foot of your own personal cross. What are the sticky, unfruitful beliefs, habits, and stories that no longer serve you? Are you willing to let them be washed away so that you can rise as a new version of yourself?

October is already halfway gone, and it’s the perfect time to shed what no longer serves you. To rise into the next version of yourself, wearing the powerful mantra, “All things new.” What are you willing to wash away to make room for the new and renewed in your life, heart, and mind?

As we embark on this third week of October, let’s put a stake in the ground, committing to purification, renewal, and rising into the next version of ourselves. What that looks like is entirely up to you, so take a moment to reflect on this message and share your thoughts on our forum. What resonated with you, and what action are you inspired to take? I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay blessed and ready for transformation, my friends.

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