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Kerry Tepedino, HHP, CCN, CST, is the Best Selling Author of the One Thought Away book and a global Mindset Expert and Leader in Women’s Personal Development focusing on

          • Mindset Mastery,
          • Emotional Intelligence,
          • and Self-Love

Kerry supports women in challenging their self-defeating behaviors, overcoming past traumas and fears to create a life of true happiness rooted in self-love. Her Perfect Health Mastery, AWAKEN and Discover Your Sacred Self programs have supported thousands of women on up-leveling all areas of their lives, including physical, mental and emotional health, relationships, professional careers, finances and more.

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    One Thought Away

    A powerful and transformative book that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth by Kerry Tepedino, HHP, CCN, CST.

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    What people are saying about Kerry Tepedino

    “My journey with Kerry and tribe has catapulted me to the next level of success in my relationships, career, and dreams. If there is something burning inside you to take a stand for yourself and make sustainable changes in your life, Kerry will take you all the way!”

    “My personal relationships have deepened, my relationship with myself has blossomed, and my professional life continues to be prosperous and grow exponentially. My time is MY time and I continue to live the life I want to live daily. It is all possible!”

    “I don’t recognize myself anymore. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already.  Gone is that insecure, lost, unhealthy, terrified victim... a confident, strong, loving woman with direction and purpose is in her place."

    “Working with Kerry Tepedino and her team will change your life as it has mine. I have gained self love and confidence that I would have never guessed possible. I realized my dreams are worth fighting for and there are endless possibilities out there! Before finding Kerry I had given up hope of ever having my dreams and was content to settle and just be fine. I went to my first event skeptical and angry that I agreed to go and I am thankful everyday that I did! It has opened my eyes and given me a new energy, love and direction to life. My friends I met there are some of my closest friends today. I encourage anyone to reach out and see what is possible through this work!”

    “Finding Kerry Tepedino changed the trajectory of my life. I was lost, overwhelmed, and didn’t know what to do or where to go. Kerry helped me find my way out of the darkness and experience a life I never knew was even possible.”

    “I would never have guessed that a three day women’s event would have taken me on a two year adventure of self discovery and relationship bonding like no other. If you are willing to make a commitment to yourself, show up, do the work, and trust the process, Kerry and her fabulous team will overdeliver in every way to help you uncover that which has held you back from living the life you know you deserve.”

    “I am so glad I had a great friend who brought me to one of Kerry's live events! It was life-changing. She has taught me to trust in myself, and that I have the power to change the things in my life I'm not happy with and not just continue to settle for good enough. The tools she teaches have transformed many of my relationships. I have found a level of joy that I didn't know was possible. The best decision I've ever made.”

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    Short Bio: 

    Kerry Tepedino has made her mark as one of the leading women’s personal development coaches and trainers. Kerry struggled with low self-esteem, a lack of self-worth and poor body image which spiraled into a personal battle with an eating disorder. This journey led her to a poignant and defining moment in her life where she got to make a decision to continue down a path of unhappiness and poor health, or find the freedom and happiness that her soul always craved.

    Through deep study of personal development, leadership, holistic health, nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and breath work, Kerry created her powerful Sacred Self System, which helped her go from rock bottom to where she is today… loving a life that she never thought could be possible for her. She has influenced over 150,000 people worldwide in mindset mastery, emotional intelligence, loving themselves, and believing that with the proper mentorship, community and strategies… anything is possible.

    Preferred Intro: I’m honored today to introduce you to Kerry Tepedino.

    She has made her mark in the personal development industry as one of the leading women’s coaches in the world. 

    Through her dynamic coaching programs and transformational live events, she has influenced over 150,000 people worldwide in mindset mastery, emotional intelligence, loving themselves, and believing that with the proper mentorship, community and strategies… anything is possible.

    Please join me in welcoming the founder of the Perfect Health Mastery program … Kerry Tepedino!

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    Questions to ask Kerry:

    1) Why are you passionate about mindset mastery, emotional mastery and self love?

    2) How has learning these skills changed your life?

    3) Can you tell me more about the Sacred Self System that you created?

    4) Where do women start when they are ready for a transformation?

    5) What’s necessary for sustainable transformation rather than a quick fix?

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